Knotty Dawg Crew Party of 4

The Knotty Dawg crew got a little bit bigger in January 2022, as we welcomed our newest addition, Buddy! This bright-eyed, beautiful, and crazy pup was originally a Christmas present for another family. Once Christmas was over, and the reality of caring for a puppy set in, the family decided they no longer would like to care for the dog and gave him to Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. 

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c(3) non-profit organization in Miami, Florida dedicated to saving and re-homing abandoned, found, and surrendered animals. Their goal is to place healthy and happy pets into forever homes. They are a foster-based rescue, composed solely of volunteers who nurture and protect these animals as well as provide shelter and training. 

Donate at:

We weren't looking for a second dog at the moment, but something attracted me to him. When Paw Patrol posted his photo and story on Instagram, I couldn't help but feel like I had to step in and save him. Staring at his picture, I knew I was hooked, the only problem was, how to tell Kevin! I first got in contact with the Rescue and followed their process. For those who aren't familiar with the process it goes like this:

  1. Submit an application for fostering on the organization's website. If you are thinking of fostering to adopt, you must fill out both the foster and adoption applications.
  2. Next, you must provide a picture of your driver's license and pictures of your home and backyard. Some things they look for are:
    1. Fenced in yard
    2. Space for size dog you are thinking of getting
    3. Cleanliness (nobody has a perfect home but there are still set standards)
  3. Third, should you already have a dog, some may require a meet and greet of both your current dog and the new dog. This is to ensure that both dogs get along and there won't be any problems where dogs can get hurt.
  4. Finally, you will have an in-person or phone interview. They will ask you a multitude of questions. Ranging from how much time you spend at home, to dog-owning experience, to financial capabilities. 
    1. I know what you are thinking, why finances? Well, the truth is dogs cost money (Vet bills, food, toys, grooming, potential illness, etc…) Shelters want to ensure that you will be able to cover those expenses instead of giving the dog away again should something pop up!

After you complete these steps, it will be up to that organization to determine if you are qualified to foster or adopt. All of these steps may vary depending on the shelter or rescues you are working with. 

Once I completed the steps above, I was finally approved to be Buddy’s Foster mommy for two weeks, but I think we all know that I wasn't fostering him, I was going to keep him regardless. Once I knew I was going to be able to get Buddy, was when I broke the news to Kevin! ( I didn't want to tell him and then not get the dog, you know!) Kevin was excited to bring Buddy into our family, so excited that he went to pick him up at the vet where he was being cared for. Little did Buddy know that 30 minutes after meeting his new dad that he wouldn't be going home just yet but instead was taken to the Tuxedo shop to try on some tuxes with the boys for an upcoming wedding we had! With lots of love, Buddy was welcome to the crew and helped pick out the best tuxedos!

Later that night, Buddy and Kevin came home. This was the moment of truth! Would Beau and Buddy get along? Would Beau give up the only child's life? Would Beau share his things? Would Buddy accept us to be his new family? Were we good enough? All these questions were rushing into my head, as a mom you want everything to go perfectly, but sometimes it doesn't or may take a little longer than you hoped. Well lucky for us, it went well. Buddy was a little scared at first because Beau is a lot bigger than him, so he timidly walked around as Beau followed a few feet away. Once he was comfortable with his surroundings, Buddy, started to inch closer and closer to Beau. Once they got close enough, the butt-sniffing begun and the tension and timidness left the room. Day after day and week after week, Beau and Buddy became more drawn to each other. We knew that this was going to be the beginning of a really beautiful brotherhood! 

In closing, we as a family are so happy and overjoyed to welcome Buddy to our family. He has brought so much liveliness to both our lives and Beau’s life. He is sweet, kind, energetic, and goofy! The perfect addition to our Knotty Dawg crew!! Welcome, Buddy!!

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